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Apply Now for At-Large Positions on the Board of Trustees

​​​​​​​​​​The CAI Nominating Committee is currently accepting self-nominations for two at-large positions on the CAI Board of Trustees. The positions may be filled by a combination of business partners, homeowner leaders, and managers, however, no more than one manager can be appointed this year. The two-year terms begin on January 1, 2022. Trustees may serve no more than three terms.

The 15-member Board of Trustees (including the President, President-Elect and Immediate Past President) is responsible for crafting policy and governing CAI. The Board meets at a retreat with the Membership Representation Groups each winter (Feb. 8-9, 2022, in La Quinta, Calif.) in conjunction with the Annual Law Seminar, at the CAI Annual Conference (May 4-7, 2022, in Orlando, Fla.), at the CAI headquarters in Falls Church, Va., each fall (2022 date to be determined), and via video/conference calls throughout the year. Trustees receive a complimentary registration for the Annual Conference, covered hotel expense for required meetings, and a discount to attend one additional CAI national event per calendar year (Law Seminar, Large-Scale Managers Workshop, or CEO-MC Retreat); trustees are responsible for all other expenses to attend meetings. Homeowner leaders receive stipends to offset their expenses.

Please review the qualifications at the bottom of this page carefully before submitting an application. 

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in applying, you must submit a completed Trustee Self-Nomination Questionnaire via email by close of business Thursday, September 30​. The Nominating Committee will review all materials and​ may invite prospective candidates to participate in a video interview. 

 Download a Trustee Self-Nomination Questionnaire.

All qualified submissions will be carefully reviewed by the members of the Nominating Committee, and select candidates will be invited to participate in a video interview. If you are invited to be interviewed by the Nominating Committee, you will be expected to be familiar with the basic principles of the Policy Governance® model used by the CAI Board of Trustees. The selection process is expected to continue throughout the month of October and into early November.

Questions?​ Contact Jennifer Flynn, sr. director of executive & board relations, at​.


To be considered for a position on the Board of Trustees, you must meet ALL of the following qualifications, including those specific to your member type:

  • Be a CAI member for a minimum of five (5) years at the time of nomination in a category corresponding with the position being applied for
  • Commit to attend scheduled meetings (in-person and via conference call) and otherwise abide by the Board of Trustees' official attendance policy
  • Have demonstrated ongoing commitment to the purposes and objectives of CAI and leadership within your class of membership
  • Have not been officially sanctioned or otherwise censured by CAI relative to a CAI designation
  • Have not been convicted of a crime of the first or second degree or a crime of a fiduciary nature of any degree while serving as a member of an executive board or during the course of your employment

Additionally, you must meet the qualifications below that correspond with your member type:​

Business Partners

  • Hold the CAI Educated Business Partner distinction
  • Have served or be serving on a CAI local or national committee or board, or otherwise been involved on a local or national level. Attendance at local or national events or trade shows does not fulfill this requirement.

Homeowner Leaders

  • Have served or be serving on a CAI chapter or national committee or board
  • Have served or be serving on a community association board
  • Homeowner leader members who also hold a manager or business partner membership may not serve in a CAI volunteer position under the homeowner leader category.​


  • Individual managers must hold a PCAM designation. In the case of a designated chief executive officer (or equivalent) of a management company who does not hold a PCAM, his or her company must hold an AAMC credential.

 Download a Trustee Self-Nomination Questionnaire.