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Homeowner Leaders Council

​​​The Homeowner Leaders Council represents homeowner leader members. The Council consists of six members, who are homeowner leader members. The Council​ ​provides input on policy matters to the CAI Board of Trustees and serves as a key resource to staff. ​

View Homeowner Leaders Council Charter.​​.​​


Chair Suzanne Mark
East Stroudsburg, PA
Chair-elect Richard George Carlson, Homeowner leader
Plantation Lakes Property Owners Association, Inc.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Members Patricia A. Book
Willow Springs Community Association
Fort Collins, CO Gary Burns
Mulholland Heights Homeowners Association
Calabasas, CA Matt Metz
Scottsdale Ranch Community Association
Scottsdale, AZ Joyce Sachs
1219 W. Wynnewood Condominium Association
Wynnewood, PA Mike Wolf, MBA
La Fontana Condominium Association
Denver, CO
Staff Liaison Jennifer Flynn
Community Associations Institute
Falls Church, VA