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Qualifications to Serve on the Board of Trustees

To be considered for a position on the Board of Trustees, you must meet ALL of the following qualifications, including those specific to your member type:

  • Be a CAI member for a minimum of five (5) years at the time of nomination in a category corresponding with the position being applied for
  • Commit to attend scheduled meetings (in-person and via conference call) and otherwise abide by the Board of Trustees' official attendance policy
  • Have demonstrated ongoing commitment to the purposes and objectives of CAI and leadership within your class of membership
  • Have not been officially sanctioned or otherwise censured by CAI relative to a CAI designation
  • Have not been convicted of a crime of the first or second degree or a crime of a fiduciary nature of any degree while serving as a member of an executive board or during the course of your employment

Additionally, you must meet the qualifications below that correspond with your member type:​

Business Partners

  • Hold the CAI Educated Business Partner distinction
  • Have served or be serving on a CAI local or national committee or board, or otherwise been involved on a local or national level. Attendance at local or national events or trade shows does not fulfill this requirement.

Homeowner Leaders

  • Have served or be serving on a CAI chapter or national committee or board
  • Have served or be serving on a community association board
  • Homeowner leader members who also hold a manager or business partner membership may not serve in a CAI volunteer position under the homeowner leader category.


  • Individual managers must hold a PCAM designation. In the case of a designated chief executive officer (or equivalent) of a management company who does not hold a PCAM, his or her company must hold an AAMC credential​.​