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Member Discount Programs


Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance provided by Ian H. Graham Insurance


Community association directors and officers can get one of the broadest D&O liability policies available to community associations through Ian H. Graham (IHG) Insurance. Some of the benefits include a lower minimum premium available in most states and coverage for the association's property manager at no additional premium. For more information, call Sylvia Tagle at (800) 621-2324 or visit Ian H. Graham Insurance.

Energy Solutions provided by Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI)
CAI has endorsed
APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Carrie Shepard at APPI Energy at 667-330-1167.

Rental Car Service provided by Hertz

hertz_logo.pngSave up to 10% on your next car rental with Hertz, the largest car rental company in the world, with 3,100 locations in the United States alone. CAI members can use their Member Savings Discount Card (CDP #1717299) to receive discounts year-round on domestic and international travel. Book online​ or call 1-800-654-2210. 

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