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Additional Memberships

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Multi-Chapter Membership

This membership affiliates your company with as many CAI chapters as you wish and is an ideal, cost effective option if your company is active in geographic areas served by multiple chapters. In addition to expanding your business and network opportunities, you'll receive additional chapter publications and discounts on chapter programs, events and marketing opportunities. Note that membership benefits, events and services vary by chapter.

To be eligible for a Multi-Chapter membership, your company must have an active Business Partner and/or Management Company membership. All Multi-Chapter memberships must share the same expiration date and be billed to the same address. However, you may designate different primary contact names and addresses. Call our Member Service Center at (888) 224-4321 to prorate your dues amount to ensure the Business Partner and/or Management Company and Multi-Chapter Membership(s) share the same expiration date. Annual membership dues for each additional chapter are $345.

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National Corporate Membership

This membership provides the opportunity to affiliate and network with all CAI chapters through one convenient membership. It is ideal for companies with local representatives or franchises nationally.

Gain access to targeted grassroots networking and marketing opportunities with members across the country. Benefit from participating in national and chapter events, seminars and committees. Take advantage of member discounts on advertising in chapter publications or exhibiting at chapter tradeshows. Note that membership benefits, events and services vary by chapter. Cumulatively, CAI chapters hold more than 1,000 local events annually. Annual membership dues are $15,000. Please contact Laura Mason, Membership Manager at​ if you have any questions. 

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Student Membership

This membership is reserved for students enrolled in an accredited university, college or high school and provides access to the latest industry information and resources to help prepare them for a future career.

Students are eligible for student membership for up to five years and may be required to provide validation of student status. This could include providing a copy of class schedule and/or student ID. Students may not be working full-time in the community association management filed or serving on the board of directors of their community association (with the exception of summer or semester breaks). Annual membership dues are $35.

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Public Official

This membership is for individuals who work for an organization or government entity that lobbies or provides advocacy services. It provides the same benefits as our Community Association Volunteer Leader membership. However, the mandatory Legislative Advocacy Fee is waived for the Public Official membership. Annual membership dues are $115.

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Please note, membership dues total includes a mandatory advocacy support fee (except for public officials) and an optional donation to the Foundation for Community Association Research. Membership dues are non-refundable. ​​​​