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Strength in Numbers Blog

  • By Laurianne Riley

    ​Amy Hawkes Repke, Vice President of Communications & Marketing, Community Associations Institute (CAI)

    christmas-1872420_640.jpgThere's something about the holidays that makes me love my home even more. From the beautiful holiday decorations, to festive neighborhood parties and spending time with friends and family, being in my home just feels special.

    As I reflect during the holidays, it's not only my home that gives me joy, but the community where I live. I am proud to be one of the 68 million Americans who lives in an HOA. The sense of neighborhood pride and the common bond shared with my neighbors to protect our homes—our biggest investments—and ensure our community is safe are some of the exact sentiments ...Read more

  • By Laurianne Riley

    Vishnu Sharma, Sharma & Associates, Inc.

    Picture_Vishnu Sharma.jpg Eleven years into my life in private practice as a CPA in the community association industry, I think back on the tremendous, positive impact Community Associations Institute (CAI) has had in helping me build my practice.

    After experience my third "restructuring" in six years, I decided it was time to leave the corporate world behind after 12 very successful years and I joined a local Ft. Lauderdale CPA in his practice. My partner at the time had a small CPA practice with tax, audit, and accounting with a couple condominium associations as accounting clients. I gravitated to the condominium association practice, as I was servi...Read more

  • By Laurianne Riley

    ​Thomas M. Skiba, CAE, CAI Chief Executive Officer

    In today's world, word-of-mouth marketing can make or break a business. Whether you post an unflattering review about the new restaurant in your neighborhood or pass along the business card of your trusted plumber, sharing your experiences matters.

    Although you won't find CAI on Yelp, our growth and success relies heavily on members recruiting members. When members recruit, everyone wins. And CAI is fortunate to have a long list of dynamic and successful recruiters who go into the community and share their personal CAI experience with prospective members.

    Our goal now through the Strength in Numbers campaign is to recruit even more recruiters to continue spreading the word about CAI. After all, networking is enhanced when new f...Read more

  • By Jenna Van Hook

    ​Kelly G. Richarson, Esq., CAI President

    This time of year typically means budget season for community associations and CAI chapters. That means it's an excellent opportunity to help CAI grow. 

    Community association managers and management company executives: Ask your board member clients to include CAI dues in the coming year's budget. Where else, if not from CAI, are association volunteers going to receive education about their responsibilities? Some managers, such as Past President David Caplan, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, in Maryland, require association clients to be members. That's a great way to gently push the agenda of better informed volunteers and grow our community association volunteer leader (CAVL) membership.

    ...Read more