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Community Association Board Stars



CAI's Homeowner Leaders Council is proud to announce the recipients for the 2017 Outstanding Board Member Leadership Award. For the first time, we received more than 150 nominations! This year's volunteers were nominated by their community associations, colleagues, clients, and acquaintances as homeowners who go above and beyond to serve their communities. The 2017 council recognizes six award winners and one overall winner. We thank the Homeowner Leaders Council for their hard work in identifying the 2017 Board Stars winners and recognizing all of the reputable nominees who make a difference in communities worldwide.

CAI is also accepting nominations for 2018 exceptional association board members here. Nominate one today, here!


John_Everitt.pngWinner: John Everitt
Community Association: Worthington Glen Condominiums, Louisville, Ky.
Positions Held: Treasurer and Secretary 

John Everitt made it his responsibility to fund an $800,000+ roof project and received a well-deserved settlement that ended up saving his association. He is described as an invaluable asset to his Board and stops at nothing to do great work for his community and the people who serve the Board. 


Andrew_Stack.pngWinner: Andrew Stack
Community Association: Columbia Association, Columbia, Md.
Positions Held: Board Member, Chairman, Columbia Association Board of Directors 

Elizabeth_Betsy_Koehler.pngWinner: Betsy Koehler
Community Association: Harbor Gate Homeowners Association, San Pedro, Calif.
Position Held: President 

John_Geyerman.pngWinner: John Geyerman
Community Association: Kings Mill Homeowners Association, Mansfield, Texas
Positions Held: President, Secretary, Board Member

Winner: John SpillaneJohn_Spillane.png
Community Association: Meadows Community Association, Inc., Sarasota, Fla.
Positions Held: President, Treasurer, Board Member, Vice President

Peter_Derrenbacher.jpgWinner: Peter Derrenbacher
Community Association: Saw Creek Estates Community Association, Inc. , Bushkill, Pa.
Positions Held: President and Finance Committee Chairperson


Below is the full list of the 2017 Board Star nominees! Please note, names are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

​AJ Euckert
​Dan Smith​Herb Calderon​Larry Ramirez​Pamela Miller​Taffy Williams
​Alicia Reeves​David Basnett​Herb Ludwig​Leonard LundquistPat Morgan​Thomas Chillog
​Alison Perchuk​David Crawford​Holly Dodge​Linda BrodersPatrick Johnston​​Thomas Comparato
​Allen Harvey, JR​David Eckel​Jack Molho​Linda Southergill​Paul Pursell​Tobey Oxholm
​Andrea Hospodar​Debbe Shea Subatch​Jahn Marie Parise​Linda Strohm​Paul Schneider​Tom Schauppner
​Andrew C. Stack​Denny O'Neil​James Rezek​Lisa Allison​Paulette Laurant​Vivian Ross-Easton
​Andy Fowler​Deverick Martin​James Simantel​Liz Dyke​Pauline Martinez​W.D. "Rob" Robinson
​Angela Fawcett​Diane Fischer​Jan DeMaio​Louis A. D'Angelo III​Peter Derrenbcher​Walt Dittrich
​Angela Reeder​Don Demers​Jane Olson​Louis Koval​Phil Bias​William "Bill" Nichols
​Arline Marquez​Don McDougal​Jean Hefler​Marilyn Clayton​Phil Norris​William “Tripp”  Martin III
​Arthur J. Downey​Don Schwamb​Jeanne Kerr​Marion McKenzie​Phyllis Haase​William Chmura
​Barbara Hammond-Wagner​Donna Gresh​Jeri Winchell​Marlin Dawdy​Queenie Taylor
​Barbara Smith ​Donna Misterly​Jill Candland​Mary Lavia​Ray Stage
​Bev Victory​Doris Pascoe​Jill Hamblin​Mary Malloy​Regina Dixon
​Bob Denis​Doug Ulmer​John Everitt​Mary McNally​Reynold Nippe
​Carla Horner​Dr. Harold Cothern​John Geyerman​Mary Molina Macfie​Richard Jensen
​Carla Wiley​Dwight Ward​John Hesseltine​Maryann Demartino​Rob Reichstein
​Carlos Carrion ​Earl Wilson​John Shipman​Maureen Collins​Robert Landre
​Charlie Sheppard ​Ed Worthy​John Spillane​Meredith Held​Robert Messier
​Chris Rosillo​Elizabeth "Betsy" Koehler​Josh West​Michael Kulich​Robert SIbley 
​Christopher Gentis​Ellen Lawson-McNeill​Karry Brockman​Michele Mangin​Robert Smith
​Crystal L. Paselk​Fran Fialkow​Kay Burkhalter​Michelle D. Kourouma​Ron Lee
​Basil Kelsey​Frank Fimiano​Kaye Durant​Neftali Ortiz, Jr​Ronald Mcintyre
​Gavin Schmitt​Ken Joseph​Noli Zosa​Ruth Harlan
​Gene Rubin​Ken Nozaki​Oleg Podtynov​Sabina Dorn
​George Spalthoff​Kenneth Johnson​Scott Langstein
​Shelley Brown
​Shirley Barno
​Stanley "Stan" Levine
​Stephen Kirschner
​Steve Hagenbuckle
​Steve Hungerford
​Suzanne Sullivan
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