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CAI in the News

​​​Resources and essential info​rmation to share with HOA, condominium, or co-op residents to help navigate the current situation.​​​​​

Daytona Beach News Journal 
Designed to fail: How Florida’s lack of condo board oversight could mean another Surfside​ ​
​South Florida Sun Sentinel ​
​Condo living could be more costly in the post-collapse world 
​NBC News ​
​How Florida condo associations wielded power before the Surfside collapse 
MinnPost ​
How Minnesota got ‘a step ahead’ of an issue that may have contributed to Surfside condo collapse​

​Bellarmine University
Condo board leaders can help prevent the next Surfside-style disaster by setting aside more money​​
​WOSU Radio
Role of Condo Associations in Aftermath of Florida Building Collapse​
​Co​nstruction Forum (St. Louis) ​
​Difficult Reminders for Homeowners and Condominium Associations Following the Surfside Tragedy 
​USA Today (originally)

​‘Serious lapses’ in state condo law come after years of influence by special interests 

​Condo safety is often about the money – how to check out if a building is vulnerable to risks

​The Virginian Pilot (originally) ​
​An oceanfront condo collapsed in Florida. Could that happen along Virginia’s coast

​CNN (originally)
After Surfside tower collapse, condo residents in Florida and beyond wonder if they need to worry

​Miami Herald (originally) 
Condos’ reserve funds, delayed repairs under new scrutiny since Surfside tragedy 
​The Boston Globe
​After Florida tragedy, condo owners are asking: Does my building set aside enough money for repairs?​ 
​Washington Post (originally)
After the Florida building collapse, condos struggle to fund big repairs ​

​USA Toda​y (o​riginally)
​‘Condo wars’: Surfside association fighting in Florida was extreme, but it’s a familiar battle for HOAs ​

​NBC Miami
Florida Used to Encourage More Condo Inspections and Repair Plans
​CEO Update
CAI addresses members’ challenges, questions after condo tragedy  

​Bradenton Herald (originally)
Condos’ reserve funds, delayed repairs under new scrutiny since Surfside tragedy 

​The Ora​nge County News Register (originally)
Surfside tower collapse reverberates through Southern California’s HOAs  ​
​CNN (originally)
A 2020 report found surfside condo lacked funds for necessary repairs. One expert called it a ‘wake-up call’​
​NBC (originally)
Collapsed Florida tower could have been repaired faster under repealed law, experts say​ 
After Florida Collapse, a Look at Condo Building Safety in Chicago 
NY Times​​ (orginally)
​‘Should we sell?’ After collapse, hot Florida condo market faces uncertainty
​Next Avenue
How to Check Out the Safety of a Retirement Condo Building  
​Miami Herald (originally)
Insurers are making demands of 40 year old buildings after Surfside condo collapse  ​
​The Press of Atlantic City​​
Florida collapse ‘a wake-up-call' for condominium owners, boards, managers 

​Newsweek (originally)
​Florida Building Insurers Now Demanding Inspections Within 45 Days, or Else​ ​
​NY Times (originally)
Infighting and poor planning leave condo sites in disrepair  
​Cape May County Herald 
​Collapse in Florida Condo is a Wake Up Call 
​The Christian Science Monitor  
Systemic trust in buildings, pipelines, bridges ​
Associated Press News + Others 
​​CAI Shares Condo Safety Resources in Wake of Surfside Tragedy​