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MCLEs & Continuing Education Units


MCLE/Continuing education CAI​ CONTACT ​

Holly Carson​, Meetings Director
Please reach out to Holly Carson with any CLE/CE inquiries

Manditory Continuing Legal Education credit ​| attorneys


CAI will apply​ for ​CLE credit in the below listing of states (if your state is not listed, please keep scrolling) for both the Wedn​esday programming and the Law Seminar programming As state bar approval notices come in, we will post the certificates for download and email attendees with the hours approved by​ that state and any filing instructions and fee information.  

State will be BLUE when it is hyperlinked to t​he certificate of attend​ance. If it is GREY, we have not yet heard back from the state bar.​​

CAI cannot guarantee state bars will approve the Law Seminar for CLE credit.

(Approved Jurisdiction State)

​South Carolina

​New York
(Approved Jurisdiction State)

​North Carolina

(Approved Jurisdiction State)




​Approved Jurisdiction States ​
Under this state's Approved Jurisdiction policy, so long as certain requirements a re satisfied, attorneys may count towards their state CLE requirement credit earned through participation in out-of-state courses accredited by an Approved Jurisdiction. For these states, we wait until we have received all of the approvals from the state bars and then  assign the highest number of hours. Because of this, these states are the last to be given a certificate of attendance.

As a reminder, in order to receive credit, you must:

  • Attend the entire presentation.
  • Complete the session evaluation via the App 
  • Sign-in EACH DAY and provide state bar # via onsite sign-in sheets (For Ethics Credit - ethics sessions have individual sign-in sheets inside the meeting room) 

Attorneys must self-report and/or apply on own for CLE credit in the following states:​​



Rhode Island

ConnecticutNew Hampshire
West Virginia
DelawareNew Jersey

Materials for Individual CLE Applications (self-report/ apply on own) will be available one week before the Law Seminar:

Insurance Agents​

Community Association Underwriters of America (CAU) will file for CE credit for insurance agents.  Please contact Doug Henken  at with any questions.

You must attend  in-person to earn State CEUs for insurance professionals and attend ALL CIRMS sessions in-person, sign in for each sess​ion and fill out an evaluation form due at the end of each session.

CIRMS - Attendance or speaking provides 10 points for the CIRMS application and redesignation. Full attendance is required for credit.

Community Association Managers (CAI/CAMICB R​edesignation)

Certificate of Attendance for Non-Attorneys

CMCA – 1 day attendance = 6 hours; 2 days = 12 hours; 3 days = 15 hours.  Administered by CAMICB​.

AMS – Attendance will provide 6 hours (one-day) or 12 (two days) hours toward the eight hours of other industry related education required for AMS redesignation. Completion of a CAI course (M-200 level or above) is also required.

Full attendance is required for credit for the below designations:

PCAM - Attendance provides 10 points for the PCAM application and satisfies the continuing education requirements for PCAM redesignation.  Speaking/presenting at the Law Seminar earns 10 points for the PCAM application.

​LSM - Attendance provides 7 points for the LSM application and redesignation​​.