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Call for Presentations



Fellows of the College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) and planning chairs of the seminar invites you to submit a session proposal for the 2024 Community Associatio​n Law Seminar, February 14-17, 2024​, at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. 


  • Extended to July 15, 2023 - Submission deadline​
  • September 14, 2023 - Presentations will be confirmed​​​​​

The more than 650 expected law seminar attendees; primarily community association lawyers, will be lookin​g for cutting-edge education programs providing substantive, expert-level education sessions:

  • Do you have a new way of tackling a common challenge?
  • Is your practice taking a unique approach to a topical situa​tion?
  • Do you have forward-thinking perspectives on legal issues?​
  • Do you have a creative solution to new issues impacting the industry?

CAI's Annual Law Seminar provides a unique learning opportunity to discuss emerging trends and legal issues important to the practice of community association law—as well as excellent opportunities for professional networking.

Selection Process: ​​

The Law Seminar Planning Committee selects presentations based on a variety of factors (listed below) with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality sessions with representation from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, law firms, and geographic areas.   The Committee strongly prefers:

  • Experienced presenters
  • Diverse and inclusive representation; including race, gender, sexual orientation, and more.
  • A variety of law firms, geographic areas, and perspectives serving on a panel as opposed to a panel filled with attorneys from the same law firm. 
  • Maximum of three speakers per session.
  • Individual attorney participation in only one session. 

​Submit a presentation proposal to showcase your knowledge of the evolving practice of community association law.

Submission Requirements:

Submit a presentation proposal video​. In addition to a presentation proposal, first-time Law Seminar presenters are strongly encouraged to submit presentation proposals in video format. In your video, please briefly describe your presentation topic, a suggested title and description, and a brief outline of session points to be covered.

*Past presenters are not required to submit a presentation proposal video.

  • ​The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2023​​.
  • Please include your first and last name in the video filename for identification purposes.
  • To submit your video, click on the SUBMIT VIDEO button below and you will be directed to the Dropbox website
  • Drag your video file into the Law Seminar 2023 Vide​o Proposals folder to upload
  • Questions? Contact Phoebe Neseth ( or Holly Carson ( ​

​Suggested topics, but not limited to:

Affordable Housing Trends
FDCPA, Regulation F, and Collection Letters
Architectural Review Standards and ProcessesFDCPA issues and priority liens
Collections practices/assessment delinquencyDealing with difficult homeowners and volunteers
Community association attorney and manager relationships and rolesFirm Operations/Practical Pointers
Conflicts resolution between homeowners, boards, and managersMental Health/Balance
Conflicts resolution between homeowners, boards, and managers
Construction Defects and Statutes of Limitations
Middle Housing and Zoning Trends
Construction Defects and Statutes of LimitationsNuisance violations
Cybercrime, liability, and association obligationParliamentary Procedures
Drafting governing documents to meet FHA and Fannie Mae requirementsPool Regulations and Operations
Dispute resolution and mediationPractice Management
Electric vehicle charging station regulations Rogue Board Members
Growth of Mixed-Use Associations and CommunitiesRecord request procedures and best practices
EthicsRental Regulations
Fair Housing Act Updates and Enforcement Best PracticesState Condominium Act Comparisons​

​​Corporate Transparency Act

​Ethics Requirements for MCLE Applications:

If you are submitting an potential Ethics session please review Rules for Professional Conduct for the State of Virginia. Include how the rules apply to your session in include that to your submission description. Ethics sessions must have substantive written materials in addition to a PowerPoint.

Please note that while we ​will apply for a session as “Ethics" we cannot guarantee it will be approved as an Ethics session from any state bar association. ​