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Education Sessions


General Session | Welcome, Introductions, Best Practices & Idea Exchange
The ultimate meet and greet - start the High-Rise Managers Workshop off on the right foot at this first session.

General Session | Resilient Leadership: Sustaining High Performance and ​Well-B​eing with Emotional Intelligence
Adversity and stress are an expected part of our personal and professional lives. Research suggests there’s a set of emotional intelligence skills that can help us better manage stress and be more effective leaders. Data suggests a strong link between emotional intelligence and higher retention, engagement, productivity, revenue, well-being, and resilience. 

​For over a decade, Sara Mueller has taught mental well-being and emotional intelligence to diverse clients ranging from Fortune 500 executives to the NFL combine and behavioral health cente
rs. Sara will help you implement the key elements of emotional intelligence. Attendees will leave equipped to confidently lead yourself and your team, no matter how busy your days are or what curve balls life throw. 
Sara Mueller, Joy Discovered Inc., Naples, FL​

General Session | Advocacy Is Everyone's Business: Grassroots Outreach, Legislation, and The Role of Your High-Rise Community​
It is easier than ever for your communities to get involved in advocacy efforts throughout your state. Join this session to learn about the importance and positive impact of grassroots advocacy, state legislation throughout the country impacting high-rise communities, an​d ways for you to involve your community and residents in these efforts throughout the year.
Cynthia A. Jones, Esq., CCAL fellow, Sellers, Ayers, Dortch & Lyons, P.A., Charlotte, NC​​
Phoebe Neseth, Esq., Community Associations Institute, Falls Church, VA

General Session | Safe and Sound: The Fundamentals of High-Rise Safety and Security 
This session will focus primarily on preserving fundamental elements of high-rise buildings and elevating the safety, security and wellbeing of residents and staff. We will provide best practices and tools for high-rise managers by giving an overview of:
- Workplace and community safety and security issues
- Development and implementation of staff and resident safety plans, manuals, emergency procedures and disaster plans
Airielle Hansford, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, FirstService Residential, Fairfax, VA
Steve Mason, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Altieri Insurance Consultants, Tampa, FL

General Session | Reserves Support: How New Standards Support High-Rise Safety
The tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South redefined the conversation about older buildings, deferred maintenance, and reserve funding. In addition to budget pressure and property values, life-safety is now a big concern. Fortunately, National Reserve Study Standards are being updated in 2023 to incorporate structural and safety concerns. Learn about the one and only reserve study for Champlain Towers South and how new standards will affect your next reserve study.​
Robert Nordlund, PE, RS, Association Reserves, Westlake Village, CA
Ian McGeady, RS, Association Reserves, Charlotte, NC

Concurrent Session | Insurance Claims: Facts, Figures and Outcome
Review typical insurance claims for high-rises, discuss the potential outcomes, and determine the insurability of each case. Understand the circumstances under which a claim should be filed with the master policy versus the homeowner's policy, and learn the 10 tips for handling your insurance claims.​
Jessica M. Knutsen, CIRMS, ​USI Insurance, Falls Church, VA
Tiago D. Bezerra, Esq., Chadwick, Washington, Moriarity, Elmore & Bunn, P.C., Fairfax, VA​

Concurren​t Session | Blowing Hot and Cold: 
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems
Gain a high-level overview of the different HVAC systems in high-rise buildings. Know the major pieces of mechanical equipment that make up your system and understand their role in operations.
Eric C. Collins, PE​, Becht Engineering BT, Inc., Warren, NJ

Concurrent Session | Multi-Family Buildings Facades: Design, Maintenance, and Repair Explained
Prepare your multi-family buildings for a long, healthy life and help it recover more quickly from weather events by treating it like a patient. A healthy, well-maintained patient (building) is likely going to survive the wear and tear of decades of climate conditions with less damage than that of a poorly maintained and deteriorated one. Learn how the largest and most vital “organ” of a building, the façade (skin), is designed to function to keep wind and weather on the outside. See how important regular check-ups (inspections) and care (treat small problems) are for the building and its protective envelope. Put your community and building on the best treatment plan to prepare for, defend against, and recover from the trauma that mother nature dishes out year after year.
James W. Anderson, PE, Becht Engineering BT, Inc., Woodstock, MD
​John Lambert, Stone Restoration of America, Charlotte, NC

Concurrent Session | Don’t Fall for It: How OSHA Requirements Affect Building Access Solutions
This presentation provides an overview of OSHA’s rooftop fall protection and suspended access requirements. We’ll discuss how to provide safe and compliant access to the rooftop and façade of mid and high-rise buildings. The discussion will highlight the OSHA Subpart D Walking-Working Surfaces Standard 1910.21- 1910.30 and 1910.66- Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance. By the end of this presentation, you will be aware of common correctable fall hazard violations on your rooftop, OSHA standards for safe façade access, & how to stay on a path toward compliance when you have people working in high-risk areas.
Mike Dahlquist, Valcourt Safety Systems, McLean, VA
Stefan Bright, Valcourt Safety Systems, McLean, VA