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General Sessions​​

Community Next: Leadership Perspectives for 2020 and Beyond

Thursday, Oct. 3, 9am

Cat Carmichael, CMCA, ​PCAM
Dawn Bauman, CAE
Tom Skiba, MBA, CAE
​The CEO-MC Retreat opens with a dynamic and interactive look at where we are as an industry and where we are headed. Because you as CEOs are key to shaping this future, the presenters will incorporate video, audience involvement, and table group discussions.  Cat, Tom, and Dawn will explore with you the industry's key trends, challenges, and opportunities. 


Engaging Your People...Five Principles That Move People, Passions and Product

Thursday, Oct. 3, 1:30pm

Dr. Matt Townsend
​​With more than 70% of US employees showing signs of being disengaged while at work, this is the training to reignite the spark with your team. In this interactive training, we will review the five motivating, driving principles of Choice, Trust, Understanding, Mutual Benefit and Growth. By the end of the training, each participant will have a greater sense of where they may be losing some of their “engagement" and a plan to immediately begin to, as Gandhi puts it, “Become the change they seek in the world."
​​What Bi​g Brands Know -- How You​ Can Apply It To Your Management Company​

Friday, Oct. 4, 1:30pm​

Gerry O'Brion, CSP​
You can use the same strategies as billion dollar brands to grow your business. The strategies big brands use are not complicated, and as the CEO of a management company, you can learn them.As a business owner (or management company executive), this information will improve your business, regardless of the size. This presentation is packed with information, strategies and case studies about companies that are doing it right. Gerry's presentation is a fun, thought-provoking dialogue that generates real action at our CEO-MC Retreat. Gerry delivers a balance between great marketing tactics and fun engaging stories to show how ​to use them.

breakout SESSIONS​​

The ONE Thing: You as a Leader

Friday, Oct. 4, 9:15am & 10:45am

Julie Adamen
Rolf Crocker, AMS​
Train 'em, Trade 'em or Train wreck? Developing the leadership skills of your community managers, while ensuring they have the tools needed to do the job. Julie and Rolf have taught thousands of people in this industry all over the country.

The ONE Thing: Your B​usiness 

Friday, Oct. 4, 9:15am & 10:45am

Caroline Leach

Caroline was vice president of  communications at DIRECTV and AT&T before starting her own firm. Her session focuses on using social media to strengthen your company. Research shows 82% of people are more likely to trust a company whose leadership team engages with social media.

Your leadership team can boost their careers, the community association management profession, and your company by sharing information with stakeholders. They build strong relationships with internal and external clients.​
The ONE Thing: Your Future 

​Friday, Oct. 4, 9:15am & 10:45am

Jonathan B. Louis, CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM and Panel
CEO-MC Planning Committee member Jonathan Louis, ​facilitates a forward-looking panel discussion of coming technologies. Experts from several CAI Business Partner firms will share their perspective on trends and innovations in our industry. Questions and discussion with the audience will focus the content on what is most important to you and your firm.​