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CAI Recruiter Club Contest


Look how far we've come!

CAI is continuously reaching new heights in our growing membership, thanks to your helpproving there truly is strength in numbers. Ring in the New Year with us by aiming even higher, together. Recruit your friends and colleagues to join CAI, the #1 resource for those who live, work, and provide services in community associations worldwide. Recruit just one member (and hopefully more) and you'll receive a $15 Target gift card. 

Recruitment Tips

Recruiting new members to CAI is simple! Follow​​ these tips to help guide you along the way:


  • Preach Membership Benefits. The more familiar you are with our benefits (listed below) the better equipped you will be to share them!
  • Identify Prospects. Think about your network and identify those who could benefit most from CAI. When you gain new contacts, ask them if they're a member of CAI.
  • Focus on Needs. Ask questions to gauge what benefits may be valuable to CAI prospects and align CAI's benefits with their needs. 
  • Provide Testimony. Provide genuine examples of how your membership has excelled your career. 
  • Close With a Plan. After discussing the value of membership, share a membership application.
  • Follow Up. Check back with them to see if they have joined. 
  • Thank Them. Send them an email thanking them for considering membership and continue to network with them.

What's in it for me?

  • ​A $15 Target gift card!
  • A growing personal and professional network
  • Access to CAI's wealth of education and resources​
  • The CAI Exchange, where you can share ideas, give advice, and connect with community association residents and professionals worldwide
  • Award-winning publications Common Ground™ magazine and CAI@Home newsletter
  • Opportunities to lead, mentor, and introduce colleagues to the unparalleled benefits that CAI membership includes:
Managers & Management Companies
Business Partners
Homeowners & Board Members
Continuing education that elevates your management skills, credentials that earn you more money, and networking in the largest network of professionals within the community association industry
Listing in the online Professional Services Directory, contact with your local chapter for networking and business growth opportunities, and access to the growing community association marketplace
Resources like the Board Member Tool Kit that cover community association living and running a successful board, and access to copyright-free newsletter articles for your association publications

Grow your chapter​ to gain local advocates to support and strengthen your network

​Hear what renowned recruiter Wendy Bucknum, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, has to say about the value of recruiting. 


Contest Rules

  • All active CAI members can participate. Valid for memberships received with payment between December 6, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Recruiters receive credit for new memberships only. Renewed memberships and new board members added to an existing membership are not eligible for recruiter credit. 
  • To receive recruiter credit, new members simply provide recruiter information on the hard copy membership application or during the online join process via the CAI website.
  • Prizes awarded the week of January 10, 2019. All participants who recruit one or more members will receive a $15 Target gift card.
  • ​Prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for alternative prizes.​

Start recruiting while it's still 2018!​

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