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​Saintsbury Square Condominium Association received a request from a few owners who want to organize a charitable event on association property for a family in the community whose infant daughter has been hospitalized for weeks. The owners asked if they could block off 50 of the community's 150 parking spaces for a carnival-themed fundraiser complete with games and raffles. Local vendors have agreed to donate food, prizes, and their time to the event. The organizers hope to attract hundreds of attendees from inside and outside Saintsbury Square. The association would love to participate, especially since Baby Samantha and her family are residents, but the event might be too disruptive to the community.

Should Saintsbury Square approve the charitable event? How can it offer support to event organizers, as well as Baby Samantha and her family?

​Tell us what you think. Leave your response below by Nov. 30​. Selected responses will be featured in the next issue of Common Ground. Responses may be edited for length and clarity.

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