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Leslie Keebler is a life-long resident of the Stars Hollow Community Association, where she sits on a five-member board. Michael Keebler, one of her sons, also owns a home in the community and serves on the board. Leslie's daughter, Amanda, recently moved into Stars Hollow and has expressed an interest in volunteering on the board. Some Stars Hollow residents are beginning to worry the Keebler family could soon have too much power in the community, particularly because the three family members could vote as a bloc and effectively control all board decisions. The association's bylaws don't specifically prohibit multiple family members from serving on the board.

​Should Stars Hollow residents worry about a Keebler family takeover? Should association bylaws prevent multiple family members from serving on the same board?

​Tell us what you think. Leave your response below by May 24​. Selected responses will be featured in the next issue of Common Ground. Responses may be edited for length and clarity.

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