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Business Partners Resources


Labor and Supply Chain Shortages, Insurance Increases Create Challenges for HOAs

Practic Partner - Interview with Cynthia A. Jones, Esq.

Schmooze Factor: Networking At Industry Events

Managing The Work:​ All c​ommunity associations require some level of management. Know what you need, do your research, and choose wisely. It may be the most important decision you make.

Financial Aid: There’s no substitute for an expert financial team. Your accountant, reserve study provider, insurance agent, and banker have interrelated and integral roles. Heed this hiring advice.

Relationship Advice: Business partners are critical to well-maintained and properly managed community associations. Follow these strategies to develop—and preserve—successful relationships with your service providers.

Service Switch: When a partnership doesn’t work out, it can feel overwhelming to start the search for a new service provider. Ensure a smooth transition between professionals with these best practices.