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​Montana SB 300 was drafted by a homeowner who bought a house to use as a vacation rental in the Red Lodge subdivision. All of the homeowners in the HOA (except this one) voted in favor of an amendment to clarify their HOA covenants, resulting in restrictions on vacation (short-term) rentals. The attorney for the homeowner drafted the bill language and has been leading the efforts for its passage.  This court should determine the outcome of the case, not the legislature.

SB 300 passed the Senate (in six days) and an amended version passed the House Judiciary committee on April 2. This week it may move quickly in the House and back to the Senate for consideration of amendments. ACT TODAY - email the Governor of Montana and urge him to veto the bill.

Learn about the Bill

Who is Against SB 300

  • Click here to view a growing list of homeowner associations and condominiums, community management companies, law firms, and trade organizations.
  • Montana Smart Growth Coalition - "SB 300 creates an illegal non-existent property right for individual property owners not authorized under Montana Subdivision and Platting Act."
  • Alanah Griffith Testimony - SB 300 “is not well thought out and will have a number of unintended consequences.”
  • Renee Coppock Testimony - “I am very concerned with the issues and erosion of real property rights that will occur with the passage of Senate Bill N. 300… it creates total chaos in the enforceability of covenants…”
  • Randall Snyder Testimony - "SB 300 is unconstitutional."
  • Simkins Holdings, LLC, developer of the Big Sky Town Center - "As a real estate developer, SB 300 violates our ability to contract with our current members and future purchasers and prevents the association from ensuring consistency in the regulation and enforcement of Big Sky Town Center and its planned community."

​Letters of Opposition Printed ​​

Take Action

Questions? Contact Dawn Bauman, SVP of Government & Public Affairs of CAI at or (888) 224-4321.

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