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2022 VIRTUAL Advocacy Summit

VAS22SharepointBanner950x250.jpg​​Wed., Oct. 19—Fri. Oct. 21.

Advocacy is Everyone's Business. Help us support the 74 million Americans living and working in community associations.
Together, we'll meet with members of Congress and their staff, advocate for federal legislative priorities, and be the voice for community associations.

CAI members, we need you! Come share your industry expertise and personal community association experiences with legislators during these important meetings.


​​​​Here, you can find answers to the most common questions and direct link to the most needed resources. For any other needs, please reach out to Event Organizer, Hannah Engber, at 

Elected Officials and their staff can find answers to common legislative questions here:



General Infor​mationAdvocacy Summit Page​
Opening Session (10/19 at 12 PM ET) Invite2022 CAI Virtual Advocacy Summit Opening Session.ics
Master Schedule
Master Schedule with Zoom Links​
Mid-Summit Connect (10/20 at 12 PM ET) InvitationJoin the Virtual Connect Here
Summit Wrap (10/21 at 12 PM ET) InvitationJoin the Virtual Connect Here​
Advocate Survey (please complete after each meeting)Survey Form
Video Message from Dawn BaumanPreparing for Virtual Advocacy Summit
Video Message from Scott CanadyMeeting with Your Legislators 
Internet Speed

All Resources are accessible on Google Drive​​


The 2022 Advocacy Summit is scheduled to be entirely virtual. This 3-day event will consist of opening and closing sessions, and meetings with your members of Congress and fellow CAI constituent advocates. 

Please ensure that you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection to attend meetings. This event will be a 2.5-4-hour commitment over the 3-day event.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many congressional offices remain closed to the public, but it is still critical for CAI members to meet with their Representatives and Senators during this important annual event. Your voices are critical – your elected officials want to hear from you about the needs in your community.

What You Need to Know:


​​​​CAI's federal priorities for 2022 are:

In addition, we will continue to provide legislator education on the Community Association Housing Model in meetings. 


Wednesday, October 19th​
9:00-10:00 AM PST12:00-1:00 PM EST
Opening Session with CAI Staff​
10:30-1:00 PM PST1:30-3:00 PM EST
Meetings with Legislators

Thursday, October 20th​
7:30-10:00 AM PST10:00 AM-1:00 PM ​EST
Meetings with Legislators

9:00-10:00​ AM PST12:00-1:00 PM EST​Virtual Connect! 
Grab your coffee or a bite to eat and share your experience so far with other advocates! 
10:00 AM-1:00 PM PST1:00-4:00 PM ESTMeetings with Legislators
Friday, October 21st​
7:30-10:00 AM PST10:00 AM-1:00 PM EST
​Meetings with Legislators

9:00-10:00 AM PST12:00-1​:00 PM EST
​That's a Wrap! Closing Session
Grab a cocktail or a bite to eat and join us for closing comments and share your big takeaways! 
Please note that your meetings will only require 2-3 hours of your time over the course of the event. 


CAI staff will provide our attendee advocates with the tools and training to make sure you are a prepared and ​successful advocate! CAI will provide you with an advocate toolkit including— training seminars, to talking points, and meeting information with other advocates, lobbyists, and CAI staff. All you need is an internet connection and a passion for the community association housing model, and we do the rest! Here are a few resources to get you started now!:

CAI's federal priorities for 2022 have been announced! You can start familiarizing yourself with the issues below:

In addition, we will continue to provide legislator education on the Community Association Housing Model in meetings. ​  


Where and when is the Summit?

The CAI Virtual Advocacy Summit is being held from Wednesday, October 19th through Friday, October 21st. Meetings are held entirely virtually, so you can have your meetings from the comfort of your home or office!

What will I be doing?

This event is an opportunity to advocate on behalf of the community association housing model with your legislators. CAI will schedule 3 meetings for you, each about 20-30 minutes: one with your Representative, and one with each of your Senators to discuss the legislative priorities that affect your home and business.

How will I meet with my members of Congress virtually? Will I meet with my members of Congress personally?

CAI Virtual Summit attendees will meet with their members of Congress or staff virtually via video conference or telephone. The Congressional office has final say which method they prefer, so be sure to expect a mix between telephone and video conference calls throughout the day.

Members of Congress have very busy schedules. Between votes, committee hearings and meetings with other constituents, their time is scheduled down to the minute. They may spend the whole meeting with you, two minutes, or not at all. We always request that the member of Congress be present at the meeting, but you may also meet with staff who are subject matter experts and influential in helping Congress members develop their positions.

Do I make my own appointments?

No, the CAI staff will schedule meetings on your behalf. Attendees should register for CAI Virtual Summit with the address where they are registered to vote. CAI's Government and Public Affairs team will match a participant's voting address against our congressional database to request appointments with your elected officials.

Do I have to be online for the whole conference?

No. We will schedule your meetings for approximately 2-3 hours of time over the course of the three days. In addition to these meetings, we will have a one general session each day to check in with CAI staff and other advocates.​

What does my registration include?

Registratio​n​ includes access to three-days of Congressional meetings with over two hours of programming available during the Summit. Registrants will also get a digital toolkit with issue briefings, promotional content, and a personalized schedule.

What should I wear?

Attendees are encouraged to dress professionally.

Is it ok to discuss topics other than the identified “asks"?

While a personal anecdote that supports our legislative “asks" can be impactful, members of Congress are very busy and in order to be respectful of their time (and potential differences in politics/backgrounds), it is important to stick to the talking points or “asks" and not use the time as a platform to bring in other issues. This helps to maintain the integrity of the meeting and ensure that CAI members are seen as a knowledgeable and useful resource on health policy issues.

How much does it cost to attend?

The 2022 ​Virtual Advocacy Summit is free for any CAI member to attend.

How should I prepare for the Summit?

CAI has a plethora of resources. For first time advocates, check out the following assets to get started:

More resources to follow, including training videos, issue briefs, and we will start the conference with an Opening Training Session on Wednesday.

What do I need to be successful?

As the event is entirely virtual, attendees should have a laptop or other internet-connected device with a camera, microphone, and a quite place to have your meetings undisturbed.


Even though we are not physically at the Capitol this year, it is important to be polite and professional for these meetings. A few tips for being polite in a video call:

  • Mute your microphone when you aren't speaking.
  • Be mindful of background noise and distractions around you, as much as possible.
  • Adjust your camera and lighting so we can see your face well.
    • NOTE: This recommendation is debatable in some circles, since some people are sensitive to being on camera, but it might be vital to some classes, like language learning.
  • Please add a profile photo to your Zoom account, so we can still see your face when you turn off your camera.
  • Dress like you are coming to the office—no PJs, please.
  • Avoid multi-tasking and focus your attention on the meeting. You might want to minimize/close all other windows, so you aren't distracted by email or other applications. Turn off your phone or put it away; just like in person, please use it only if there is an emergency.
  • Enjoy a beverage but try to hold off on having lunch or that snack.
  • Remember that you are always on camera. Need to yawn, sneeze, blow your nose, or something you don't want us all to see? Mute your audio, and for longer interruptions, blank your video.
  • All comments and discussions should be respectful; disagreements are fine, but personal attacks are not.
  • Don't be a Zoom-hog. Be considerate in not talking over people and give everyone a chance to speak.


What browser works best for the CAI Virtual Summit?

We recommend using a computer or laptop with one of these three browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Can I access the platform using an iPad or mobile phone?

If you are using an iPad or mobile device, we recommend ensuring your browser is updated with the most recent installation or ensure you have downloaded and logged into the Zoom App from the App Store. If you see a black screen, while trying to watch sessions, we highly recommend you switch to a computer or laptop for the duration of your time on platform.

Some older devices are incapable of having the most current updates and will be incompatible with the complexities of the site, but most modern devices will work just fine.

What can I try if I have issues accessing the platform?

Close out all unnecessary tabs, refresh occasionally, disconnect from your VPN, keep your computer charged and stay close to your router, or use a direct ethernet connection. For specific issues, follow the corresponding steps below:

Network: For the best wireless connection we suggest you stay in the same room as, or close to, your router or use a direct ethernet connection. Hardline internet​ is recommended over Wi-Fi. If using Wi-Fi, minimize its use by other people, close all unnecessary applications, place router in an open space, turn on your cell phone hot spot as a backup. If using a work computer, disconnect, and do not use VPN. Be aware of any firewalls.

Sound: Can't hear? Check the sound level on your computer.

Browser audio, video, session Issues, or blank screens: Refresh your browser with F5 Key (windows) or Command + R (Mac). It may help to refresh multiple times.

Browser crashing? Clear Browser History/Cache with Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (Mac). Also, make sure you don't have multiple tabs open while on the platform.

Not fixed? Refresh cookies from the OMED site. In Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Android click the lock icon left of the website address, click Cookies (## in use), hit Remove for each, then hit Done. In Firefox on Windows or Mac, click the lock icon left of the website address, “Clear Cookies & Site Data," then “Remove."

Still not fixed? Clear all browser history/cache with Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (Mac).

Where can I send questions, or feedback/suggestions?

Thank you to our Event sponsors! 

Enterprise Bank_Event Sponsor Logo.png​​​Reserve Advisors_Event Sponsor Logo.png

Questions? Check out our FAQ Page here​ or email the CAI Government and Public Affairs team at​

Mark your calendar and register today. We will “see" you virtually on October 19th