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Community Values

​​​​​​​CAI advocates for legislatures and regulatory agencies to acknowledge the right of self-determination by owners who elect volunteers and have a vested interest in their communities. Communities should have the power to decide policies on issues such as vacation rentals, solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, landscaping requirements, and more.​ Here are four specific issues dealing with community values:

​​Environmental Sustainability​

​​​Communities should be empowered to find solutions and make informed decisions that best meet the needs and values of residents in terms of environmental sustainability.

Restrictions on Prohibiting Clotheslines

Short-Term (Vacation) Rentals 

​​The use of online platforms to arrange short-term rentals has created a unique housing market where short-term rentals provide considerable income for some community associations' owners, particularly those in vacation destination and resort areas.  Community association owners must determine what short-term rental policy is appropriate for their particular community. 

Solar Rights and Easements

CAI supports environmental and energy efficiency policies that recognize and respect the governance and contractual obligations of community association residents as the best mechanism to enact sustainable environmental policies.

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