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Environmental Sustainability

Think Globally, Act Locally. There is no better venue for local action than your home or community association.

CAI has a strong commitment to thoughtful environmental stewardship, a commitment that is shared by millions of community association leaders and residents. We abide by three fundamental principles:

  • Collaboration with our neighbors is the best way to develop sustainable, consensus-driven decisions.
  • Respecting property rights and honoring private agreements between associations and homeowners are compatible with sustainable environmental practices.
  • Vigilant consideration of our actions can minimize our environmental footprint.

We believe community leaders are uniquely positioned to identify and define successful approaches to energy conservation and environmental protection. Communities should be empowered to find solutions and make informed decisions that best meet the needs and values of residents (see Green Issues in Community Associations).

There are countless steps individuals and communities can take to support a more sustainable future. Many community associations already place a strong emphasis on environmental protection—from preserving open spaces to adopting rules that promote energy conservation. We hope the information below will inspire you to act in support of a healthier, more sustainable environment.



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