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Telephone Calls

​If you are unable to speak to the official directly, ask that you speak with a member handling the issue. If you are responding to a CAI call to action, try to reword the model talking points to personalize the conversation. Make sure your efforts are timely.

  • ​Keep the call brief and to the point.
  • Identify yourself as a concerned constituent living in or working with a community association.
  • Identity yourself as a member of CAI.
  • Indicate the issue, bill number or name of the bill of concern.
  • Clearly state your position. Tell them how passage of the bill will affect you or your children or your community.  Personalize the message but be concise and specific.
  • Be specific about the action you want from the official (support/oppose/amend).
  • Be courteous and understanding of the legitimate differences of opinion.
  • Request a letter of reply stating the official’s position on the issue.
  • Provide your name, address, and telephone number.
  • Stick to one topic.
  • Suggest an alternative strategy as to how the issue could be resolved in a different way, rather than how the pending bill is addressing it.  Offer positive suggestions.
  • After the call, follow up with a personal letter reiterating the message of your phone call. Be certain to indicate that you also called the office to express your views.​

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