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​​CAI has a subscription-based, call to action system that can send simple alerts to all CAI members to complex alerts targeting a narrow group. CAI’s system has the ability to draft emails for the target group to send directly to their legislator by only using a few clicks of the mouse and entering minimal personal information. CAI can provide Legislative Action Committees with a username and password to access the service, or will gladly send the message out on behalf to the LAC. Depending on the amount prepared for in advance, CAI can get a call to action sent out within 1 to 3 hours. CAI can track how many people open the message and, depending on the type of message, how many people took action. You may also want to send the call to action out using your personal or business e-mail address. This is a more personal method, but lacks the ability to quantify results.

  1. Identify the issue. The first step to sending a call to action is identifying the issue and its background. Keep it to one issue per message. Figure out:

      • How will this issue impact CAI members? Will it have a positive or negative effect on CAI members?

      • What is the background of the issue? Why is it before us now? What have other states done about this issue?

      • Where is this issue in the legislative process? What are the next steps?

      • What do you want the audience to do? Call and or write their legislator? Call a specific committee?

  2. ​Identify the audience. The next step is identifying the audience of the call to action. CAI is able to create e-mail lists specific to membership categories, where members live, members who live in the districts of officials who serve on a specific committee, etc. Ask the questions:

      • ​Who should receive our message? Does this issue impact community association managers only? If so CAI can narrow the e-mail lists it pulls specific to a member category. 

      • Who are our members targeting? Are you trying to target all elected officials, Senators only, Representatives in the Judiciary Committee? CAI is able to pull e-mails list specific to who where you want the action directed. This is important for many factors, but you also need to consider how it will be listed in your message. Will you use CAI’s subscription based service that connects members with their official, or do you want to list whom the members should contact directly in the message?​

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