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Political Sign Statute in Missouri

Missouri Title XXIX Ownership and Conveyance of Property 442.404. Political signs, homeowners' associations not to prohibit — reasonable restrictions and removal permitted, when.

1. As used in this section, the following terms shall mean:
a. "Homeowners' association", a nonprofit corporation or unincorporated association of homeowners created under a declaration to own and operate portions of a planned community or other residential subdivision that has the power under the declaration to assess association members to pay the costs and expenses incurred in the performance of the association's obligations under the declaration or tenants-in-common with respect to the ownership of common ground or amenities of a planned community or other residential subdivision. This term shall not include a condominium unit owners' association as defined and provided for in subdivision (3) of section 448.1-103 or a residential cooperative;
b. "Political signs", any fixed, ground-mounted display in support of or in opposition to a person seeking elected office or a ballot measure excluding any materials that may be attached.
2. No deed restrictions, covenants, or similar binding agreements running with the land shall prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting the display of political signs.
3. A homeowners' association has the authority to adopt reasonable rules, subject to any applicable statutes or ordinances, regarding the time, size, place, number, and manner of display of political signs.
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4. A homeowners' association may remove a political sign without liability if such sign is placed within the common ground, threatens the public health or safety, violates an applicable statute or ordinance, is accompanied by sound or music, or if any other materials are attached to the political sign. Subject to the foregoing, a homeowners' association shall not remove a political sign from the property of a homeowner or impose any fine or penalty upon the homeowner unless it has given such homeowner three days after providing written notice to the homeowner, which notice shall specifically identify the rule and the nature of the violation.
(L. 2018 H.B. 1887)