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Solar Panels- Ohio

Sec. 5311.192. (A) Unless specifically prohibited in the declaration, any owner of a solar appropriate unit may install a solar energy collection device on the roof of that unit if either of the following conditions apply: (1) The unit, as defined by the declaration, includes the roof, for which the cost to insure, maintain, repair, and replace is not a common expense and is instead the owner's responsibility. (2) The declaration specifically allows for and regulates the types and installation of solar energy collection devices in the common or limited common elements and establishes responsibility for the cost to insure, maintain, repair, and replace such devices. (B) Notwithstanding division (A) of this section, a unit owners association may establish reasonable restrictions concerning the size, place, and manner of placement of solar energy collection devices. (C) As used in this section: (1) "Solar appropriate unit" means a condominium unit that does not have any other condominium units directly above or below it. (2) "Solar energy collection device" means any device manufactured and sold for the sole purpose of facilitating the collection and beneficial use of solar energy, including passive heating panels or building components and solar photovoltaic apparatus​​.​