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Solar Panels- Idaho

55-3208. SOLAR PANELS. (1) No homeowner's association may add, amend, or enforce any covenant, condition, or restriction in such a way that prohibits the installation of solar panels or solar collectors on the rooftop of any property or structure within the jurisdiction of the homeowner's association. A homeowner's association may, however, determine the specific location where solar panels or solar collectors may be installed on the roof as long as installation is permitted with an orientation to the south or within forty-five (45) degrees east or west of due south.

(2) A homeowner's association may adopt reasonable rules for the installation of solar panels or solar collectors consistent with an applicable building code or to require that panels or collectors be parallel to a roofline, conform to the slope of a roof, and that any frame, support bracket, or visible piping or wiring be painted to coordinate with the roofing material. The provisions of this subsection shall apply only to rooftops that are owned, controlled, and maintained by the homeowner.‚Äč