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Reserve Requirements - Virginia

ยง 55.1-1965. Annual budget; Reserves for capital components.

A. Except to the extent otherwise provided in the condominium instruments and unless the condominium instruments impose more stringent requirements, the executive organ shall:

1. Conduct at least once every five years a study to determine the necessity and amount of reserves required to repair, replace and restore the capital components;

2. Review the results of that study at least annually to determine if reserves are sufficient; and

3. Make any adjustments the executive organ deems necessary to maintain reserves, as appropriate.

B. To the extent that the reserve study conducted in accordance with this section indicates a need to budget for reserves, the unit owners' association budget shall include, without limitations:

1. The current estimated replacement cost, estimated remaining life and estimated useful life of the capital components;

2. As of the beginning of the fiscal year for which the budget is prepared, the current amount of accumulated cash reserves set aside, to repair, replace or restore the capital components and the amount of the expected contribution to the reserve fund for that fiscal year; and

3. A general statement describing the procedures used for the estimation and accumulation of cash reserves pursuant to this section and the extent to which the unit owners' association is funding its reserve obligations consistent with the study currently in effect.

(2002, c. 459.)