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Community association managers must be licensed under the Georgia Real Estate Commission (Commission) in order to function as a community association manager in the state. A community association manager is a person who, for a valuable consideration, to others of management or administrative services on, in, or to the operation of the affairs of a community association, including, but not limited to, collecting, controlling, or disbursing the funds; obtaining insurance, arranging for and coordinating maintenance to the association property; and otherwise overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association.

Initial Education Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 and must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency. Additionally applicants must have one of the following real estate education requirements:

  • Successfully complete the 25-hour Community Association Manager's Prelicense Course approved by the Commission;
  • Successfully complete a minimum of four quarter hours or two semester hours of either course work eligible for a major in real estate from a U.S. or Canadian accredited college or university or course in real property, agency, or contracts from a U.S. or Canadian accredited school of law; or
  • Provide proof of completion of at least 25 hours of prelicense course work approved by the real estate regulatory agency of another state or province of Canada. You must obtain a letter from that agency that verifies that the course work is approved in that state or province.

Click here for more information on the educational requirements.

Examination Requirements

Individuals must pass the Commission-approved examination. The examination fee is $91. Individuals may take the examination at 17 years of age.

Individuals must bring a copy of their criminal history report, or their Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Report, to the examination center (not the Commission) prior licensure.

Individuals that met the four quarter hours or two semester hours educational requirement must bring an official transcript from the accredited school to the examination center.

Click here for more information on the examination. Reports are the examination focuses more on knowledge of real estate issues and law, as opposed to more of the critical competency areas of managing community associations. CAI advocates that managers be tested and regulated on the core functions associated with managing community associations, and not as property managers, brokers, or real estate licensees.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and apply within 12 months of passing the Commission-approved exam.

Applicants must also pay the appropriate licensing fee as described below:

  • If you are applying within three months from taking your exam, the fee will be $170.00.
  • If you are applying more than three months but less than 12 months from taking your exam, the fee will be $340.00.

There are no experience requirements for a community association manager's license.

Click here for more information and application forms.

Renewal Requirements

The Commission requires that all active licensees must complete at least 24 hours of approved continuing education course work during each four year renewal period.

Click here for the renewal form.

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