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How to Submit a Complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Dodd-Frank Act directs the CFPB to facilitate the coordinated collection, monitoring, and response to consumer complaints regarding certain financial products and services.  To file the complaint, you will be required to provide the address of the property in question and your contact information.  Also, please send CAI an email ( to notify us you filed a complaint.

  1. Consumer files a complaint
  2. The CFPB routes the complaint to the company
  3. The company communicates directly with consumer to reach resolution
  4. The company describes the resolution on the CFPB company portal
  5. The complaint status is emailed to consumer and updated on the consumer portal


To get started, visit:

  1. Select the category "Mortgage" from the options on the screen.
  2. Click the blue tab that reads "Get started"
  3. Tell the CFPB your association's story in the area provided for the description of the incidence. Be sure to stress the length of time that a property has been awaiting foreclosure, the effects the bank's inaction has had on the association, and any other problems that have been caused by the bank's failure to complete foreclosure in a timely process.
  4. Below the narration field, check the box that states, "I want the CFPB to publish this description on so that others can learn from my experience." This will allow others to see the negative impact a bank can have on a community association when delaying foreclosure.
  5. Below the check box, in the area labeled "which part of the mortgage process is your issue related to," select the field that reads "Problems when you are unable to pay" Loan modification, foreclosure
  6. Check "No" for the question, "Are you concerned about losing your home to foreclosure?"
  7. Next select "Other" from the drop down box that reads "My loan is a(n):
  8. After selecting "Other" a field will appear asking you to specify the issue. Enter "bank delayed foreclosure"
  9. You will now be taken to a page that will allow you to enter your desired resolution. Explain that you would like the bank to complete the foreclosure process in an efficient and timely manner so that the association may preserve the financial health and security of the other homeowners living within the community association. Give examples from your association on what steps the bank can take to alleviate the financial burden on the association and its homeowners.
  10. Clicking "continue" will take you to another page which will ask you to complete your personal contact information.
  11. Upon completion of your contact info, click "continue" once more and you will then be required to provide the name of the bank. The CFPB will forward your complaint directly to the institution named. You may also upload any supporting documents or materials that may be appropriate.
  12. When finished, click "continue" one more time to be taken to a review screen of your entered information. Any changes or edits you would like to incorporate into the complaint may be done at this point.
  13. When finished, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page and the CFPB will forward your complaint to the respective company. Your complaint will also be published as part of the CFPB's complaint database.
  14. Send CAI an email ( to notify us you filed a complaint.  This will help us quantify the problem for Members of Congress as it will support our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.