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New York City Facade Inspection Ordinance

Article 301: General


§ 28-301.1 Owner's responsibilities.

All buildings and all parts thereof and all other structures shall be maintained in a safe condition. All service equipment, means of egress, materials, devices, and safeguards that are required in a building by the provisions of this code, the 1968 building code or other applicable laws or rules, or that were required by law when the building was erected, altered, or repaired, shall be maintained in good working condition. Whenever persons engaged in building operations have reason to believe in the course of such operations that any building or other structure is dangerous or unsafe, such person shall forthwith report such belief in writing to the department. The owner shall be responsible at all times to maintain the building and its facilities and all other structures regulated by this code in a safe and code-compliant manner and shall comply with the inspection and maintenance requirements of this chapter.


§ 28-301.2 Filing of reports in writing or electronically.

Reports required to be filed under this chapter shall be filed in writing or electronically as the commissioner may require.

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