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Articles in Major News Outlets by CCAL Fellows

As leaders in the field of community association law, major news media relies on CCAL Fellows to author columns to educate their readers on condo/HOA issues.  Below is a list of  recently published articles.


Why Condo and Homeowners Associations Need Attorneys

CCAL fell Hirzel, Esq. (Interview with Trevor Kupfer 10/08/2019)

New owner wants to know if seller is required to disclose smoke transmission into unit

By CCAL fellow Howard Dakoff (published 10/2/2019)

Shaken Up about Earthquake Insurance

By CCAL fellow Kelly G. Richardson, Esq. (published 9/28/2019)

Interview about a Michigan bill which would criminalize the misrepresentation of service animals

CCAL fellow Kevin M. Hirzel, Esq. (Interview with Dr. Drew Midday Live 9/06/2019)

Can an owner in a homeowners’ association install security cameras?

By CCAL fellow Scott Weiss, Esq. (published 9/3/19)

HOA Homefront: Recalling Board Members, Part 2

By CCAL fellow Kelly G. Richardson, Esq. (published 8/23/2019)

HOA Homefront: Recalling Board Members, Part 1

By CCAL fellow Kelly G. Richardson, Esq. (published 8/16/2019)

What to consider when looking to buy a condo

By CCAL fellow Robert Meisner, Esq. (published 8/5/2019)

Who is responsible for installing and maintaining an electric car charging station at a condo building?

By CCAL fellow Kevin M. Hirzel, Esq. (published 7/16/2019)

​Is it legal to require adult supervision of children at a condo swimming pool?

By CCAL fellow Matt D. Ober, Esq. (published 6/26/2019)

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