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CCAL Fellowship Application Process

​​​​​​​​​​Approximately 200 of the more than 5,000 attorneys that practice community association law in the United States are distinguished by the College of Community Association Lawyers as CCAL fellows. There are many fine lawyers with excellent reputations who do not meet the criteria needed for CCAL fellowship.


  • Eight years legal practice with a concentration in community association law (at least five immediately preceding application date).
  • Attendance at two (2) Law Seminars in the prior 10 years, and one (1) of which has been in the last 5 years​​.
  • Demonstration of significant leadership and involvement in the provision of legal services to community associations.
  • Renew fellowship yearly by providing annual disclosure to the CCAL Board of Governors, including disciplinary actions or proceedings initiated, pending, or completed.

How to Apply

The CCAL Board of Governors reviews applications for fellowship twice a year--June 30 and September 30. Candidates can email completed applications with supporting materials to using the subject line 'CCAL Fellow Application'. Both the application fee and annual renewal fee is $325.

CCAL Mentorship Program

To assist lawyers in developing skills unique to the practice of community association law and to increase industry networking, current CCAL fellows are paired with mentees from different geographical locations. Mentors also provide guidance to their mentees in the CCAL fellowship application process.