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Amicus Curiae Briefs

Amicus curiae briefs allow CAI to educate a court about important legal and policy issues in cases related directly to the community association industry. If your association, municipality or state is being faced with a poorly formulated legal opinion, please consider contacting CAI and submitting an application for an amicus brief. If you have any questions, contact ​​Phoebe Neseth, Esq. at



2020 Briefs

Town of Vail v. Village Inn Plaza – Phase V Condominium Association (Second Appeal)​​​​ ​​(OCTOBER)

  • Court: Colorado Court of Appeals
  • Topic: Colorado Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act

Lori H. Postal v. Daniel A. Kayser, et al. (SEPTEMBER)

  • Court: North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • Topic: Marketable Title Act

Williams et al., v. Reardon, et al. (August)

  • Court: North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • Topic: North Carolina Marketable Title Act/Protective Covenants

Wonder Twins Holdings, LLC, v. Daniel Kanter, et al. (MAY)

  • Court: United States District Court for the District of Columbia
  • Topic: Super priority lien

Brett/Robinson Gulf Corporation v. Phoenix on the Bay II Owners Associations, Inc.  (April)

  • Court: Alabama Supreme Court
  • Topic: Uniform Condo Act

D'Allesandro et al v. Lennar Hingham Holdings, LLC (April)

  • Court: Massachusetts Supreme Court
  • Topic: Statue of Repose

C Investments 2, LLC v. Arlene Auger, eta/. 18-CVS-12903- COA 19-976   (January)

    • Court: Court of Appeals of North Carolina
    • Topic: Residential Restrictive Covenants