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2014 End of Session Report

Foreclosure of Condominium Lien - HB 7150 was submitted by a non CAI member seeking to easier to publish foreclosure notices. Specifically, the Bill sought permit publication of notices in newspapers published in the Town or City where the condominium unit is located; also, the bill sought to establish a right of redemption in unit owners being foreclosed upon, similar to the first mortgagee lender’s right to redeem 30 days after the Association sends notice of the foreclosure to the unit owner. The bill was held for further study.

Service Animals - HB 7445 sought to expand the circle of professionals who could render an opinion to as to whether or not a service animal necessary to mitigate the effects of a physical or mental disability. Those professions would be a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, other health care providers, vocational specialists, or licensed social workers. LAC committee member, Mary-Joy Howes, Esquire, attempted to “tighten” up the definition of service animal and gave input regarding the effect of the presence of these animals in a no pet community association. The bill was tabled for further study.