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CAI LAC Nominations

All nominations and completed forms should be sent by September 14, 2018, to the Government & Public Affairs Department via email to Lula Fekadu at 

​Every other year, delegates are appointed to the CAI Legislative Action Committees.  The goal of the appointment process is to provide CAI Legislative Action Committees with a diverse group of CAI members to carry out the public policy interests of CAI membership for the community association housing model and to provide a collaboration between the chapters, the international office, and the membership. While the legislative action committees are committees of the international organization, core delegates are appointed by chapters and ratified by the international office. The organizational structure and appointment process is outlined in the CAI LAC Operational Guidelines.

Appointment Process:

The current appointment process is for the term of service from October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2020. Unless previously agreed upon, the appointment process is for every member of the legislative action committee; returning and new members.  Some LACs have modified terms with delegates serving two-year staggered terms. If you are unsure if you have staggered terms, please consult with the chapter executive directors and legislative action committee chairpersons.

Appointment Process and Term Requirements:

There are two ways in which a CAI member may come to serve on a LAC:

  1. Chapter Delegate - appointed by a chapter as a chapter delegate. Each CAI chapter shall submit nominees to serve as the chapter delegate(s). If your state has only one chapter, the chapter shall appoint six members.  If your state has more than one chapter, each chapter shall appoint two members to the LAC,

  2. At-Large Delegate - appointed by the members of the LAC as an at-large delegte.

Term limits:  No LAC member may serve more than five (5) e consecutive terms. The term limit clock began the year the requirement was adopted (2012).

Chair/Vice Chair Officer Positions:

The Chair and Vice Chair are each limited to three terms of consecutive service in these two positions.

Important Rules Governing the LAC Structure & Appointments Process:

  • Each LAC will consist of a minimum of six (6) delegates and a maximum of 20 delegates. CAI chapter board of directors shall recruit and approve delegates to serve on the state legislative action committee (no later than the August board meeting).
  • CAI's membership represents a diverse set of individuals who are homeowner volunteer leaders, community association managers and business partners serving community associations. To ensure a balanced voice, there is a rule whereby one membership category shall not have a majority on any LAC.

  • No more than one person, per company, per membership category may serve on any one state LAC; a company is any entity, partnership, corporation, or business association where there is a single ownership structure.

  • To avoid apparent conflicts of interest, each Chapter and LAC delegates are required to disclose any organizations, associations or business that conduct business or compete in any way, with CAI or LAC. Legislative Action Committee Delegate Conflict of Interest Policy.

All appointees will be notified of their status by early October or within a reasonable amount of time after their nomination is submitted to the Government & Public Affairs Department.

Please contact Lula Fekadu at 703.970.9251 via email at with any questions you may have about the LAC nomination process or other support that you may need.

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