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2016 End of Session Report

Thank you to the CAI Georgia Board of Directors and all members for assisting the CAI Georgia Legislative Action Committee (LAC) during the 2016 session.  Below are highlights of legislation worked on during the 2016 session as well as items we anticipate working on before and during the 2017 session.

During the 2016 session we were successful in passing HB 245, exempting associations subject to Article 3 of Chapter 3 of Title 44, of the Official Code of Georgia from water shutoff restrictions of tenant-occupied homes.  Additionally, the LAC worked with legislators on HB 51 to ensure revisions to the tax redemption statute would not impact the status quo regarding assessment obligations of a tax sale purchaser.  The revisions found in SB 255 to Georgia's garnishment statute passed and the bill has been signed by the Governor.  The LAC worked with several groups on HB 219 on revisions to the county permit regulations on pools in community associations.

2017 Forecast

 For next year, the GA LAC expects legislation regarding expansion of condominiums and abandoned communities to be revisited.  Additionally, the LAC anticipates working with the sponsors of the 'Homeowners Bill of Rights', and addressing proposed legislation which would require some communities to approve renewal of covenants every twenty years. The LAC will be working with several groups on legislation that may impact residential closing processes and procedures. As always our LAC, with the assistance of our lobbyists will be monitoring for any proposed legislation that impacts community associations.

Federal Issues

At the federal level, we encourage everyone to voice support for HR 4696, which provides up to a $5,000 homeowner tax credit offsetting assessment expenses.  Additionally, please voice support for HR 3863 which would allow community associations to receive the same disaster assistance available to all others in a disaster area.

Thank you for everyone's participation in CAI Georgia which directly provides our LAC with the resources to fund our lobbyists. With your help we are able to monitor legislation, work with state lawmakers and protect the interests of those living in community associations.

Report prepared by:
G. Lanier Coulter, Jr.
Chair, CAI Georgia Legislative Action Committee