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Advocacy Alerts

A New Bill Could Raise Your HOA Assessments

We need you to immediately contact members of the Georgia House Judiciary Committee and respectfully request they oppose H.B. 410. This bill was introduced yesterday and is poised to be quickly ushered through the legislature, so your immediate action is required.

The bill would cap fees that homeowners' associations and/or their managing agents can charge to produce the information required when purchasing property in an association.  Further, the bill also caps other fees associated with buying into an association (capital contribution, reserve contribution, initiation fee, etc.).  H.B. 410 will hurt homeowners.  Capping fees will force community associations, not-for-profit organizations, to make up the difference in the cost. In turn, associations will be forced to increase your assessments.

Please contact the Representatives below and ask that they oppose H.B. 410, then forward this email to your neighbors and ask that they too reach out and oppose the bill.  These are a few of the talking points you may use when contacting these Representatives. 

  • The proposed fee cap is essentially a "tax" on HOA members.  This will result in associations having to raise their dues on all homeowners to provide information that benefits only one owner—the seller.
  • H.B. 410 allows the government to meddle in Georgia's businesses. This sort of government regulation will harm the health of our states' businesses and stunt their growth.
  • The board, not the government, has the fiduciary obligation and is in the most informed position to manage the finances of its own community. Without this discretion, a communities' administration, maintenance, repair and replacement of property and other projects may be compromised, potentially leading to a loss in property value.
  • The proposed fee caps will not save home sellers noticeable expense since it is significantly less than realtor commissions, title insurance fees, mortgage insurance costs, appraisals, etc.

You and your neighbors' action is vital to the health of your community.

Contact Information for each member of the House Judiciary Committee

Rep. Beth Beskin(404)
Rep. Roger Bruce(404)
Rep. Johnnie Caldwell(404)
Rep. David Dreyer(404)
Rep. Stacey Evans(404)
Rep. Barry Fleming(404)
Rep. Rich Golick(404)
Rep. Meagan Hanson(404)
Rep. Scott Holcomb(404)
Rep. Trey Kelley(404)
Rep. Randy Nix(404)
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver(404)
Rep. Jay Powell(404)
Rep. Dale Rutledge(404)
Rep. Pamela Stephenson(404)
Rep. Andrew Welch(404)
Rep. Wendell Willard(404)