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2014 End of Session Report

Homeowners Association Act (House Bill 137) would have required the declarant of a development to disclose financial and other information relating to the development to the board of directors. The bill would have required an association to maintain detailed records of receipts and expenditures affecting the operation and administration of the association, and would authorize the inspection of the records by members of the association under certain conditions. The bill provided for meeting requirements, would have required associations to register annually with the state Real Estate Commission. The bill granted powers to the board of the association and provided for lien details.

The measure was sponsored by Representative Mac McCutcheon. It passed the House Commerce and Small Business Committee. The Substitute was amended on the House floor and was passed. On passage by the House, the bill was transmitted to the Senate and assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee lead by Senator Cam Ward. Once assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee this bill never made it onto the committee agenda for a vote and therefore died in committee.

While there was no legislation passed in 2014, the Alabama LAC and Dawn Bauman have continued discussions with Representative McCutcheon and Senator Ward about the benefits of adopting the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act as opposed to partial legislation that will need continued amendments. The LAC will continue to work with the bill’s sponsors heading into the 2015 Session.