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Community Manager Advertising

Community managers are the professional backbone of the communities they serve, providing the knowledge and expertise crucial to the successful management and operation of associations.

Distributed six times a year in both print and digital formats, Community Manager is an award-winning, full-color newsletter written for professional community managers of all experience levels as well as management company executives. Articles provide critical information for every kind of manager - portfolio, large-scale community and condominium.

Its diverse content makes Community Manager a must for anyone who needs to target professional managers. Each 24-page, bimonthly issue is filled with practical information to help managers meet their on-the-job responsibilities and enhance their careers. It also features robust content areas aimed at chief executives focusing on leadership and senior-level management issues.

Community Manager readership includes more than 12,500 community management professionals. Many are portfolio managers - professionals who serve multiple associations. Nearly 1,500 are management company executives, whose firms service tens of thousands of communities.

If you want to talk to the professionals who purchase products and services for community associations, reach them through Community Manager.


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