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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement



​​​Adopted by CAI Board of Trustees on August 18, 2021​:

Community Associations Institute is committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion a core aspect in our membership, on our staffs, and within the community association housing model at large. We firmly believe in the unique strengths of every individual and that diversity makes organizations more successful and communities more fulfilling. By actively cultivating diversity, we benefit from a vastly richer mix of ideas, perspectives, and life experiences that expand our thinking and our possibilities. We strive to foster a culture of discovery, innovation, and service as we continue to focus on our mission to build better communities.​​

Please visit the Diverse Communities​ page for additional resources.

​         ​​               CAIDiverseCommunitiesGuideCov400pxW.jpg

Download The Diverse and Inclusive Communities Guide which includes an equality commmitment for communities to adopt, a nondiscrimination policy, harassment education and policy, and more.
​​Read the May/June 2021 Common Ground to hear how CAI memberscommunity association volunteers, managers, management company executives, and business partners​have been making efforts to fight discrimination and be more inclusive.

Please contact to share your thoughts regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.