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The Federal Election Commission requires CAI-PAC to seek certain members' approval before soliciting them to contribute to the community association industry's primary political action committee. If you have an individual membership with CAI, please login below. All other interested parties must submit a prior approval form. 


***If you hold an individual membership in CAI, you are automatically eligible to contribute to CAI-PAC. If you hold a business partner membership, you must first complete and submit the Prior Approval form in the right-hand column.


Welcome to CAI-PAC!

The Community Associations Institute Political Action Committee (CAI-PAC) is our members’ way of supporting legislators who stand up for community associations. CAI-PAC raises money to contribute to federal candidates who support our communities, management companies and businesses. It also serves as a conduit to raise CAI’s profile with federal decision makers and encourages CAI members to become more involved in shaping important federal policy issues critical to ensuring healthy communities.

In 2014, CAI made great strides protecting your community and business on key federal issues. With the federal government dramatically changing the rules for who gets a mortgage, for what type of home and in what type of community, the stakes could not be higher. Additionally, CAI has worked hard to secure fairness in disaster relief for community associations. In the past year, CAI has focused its efforts on:

  • Working to ensure fair FHA condominium underwriting guidelines.
  • Providing expertise to several government agencies as they create the new
  • regulations for mortgages to ensure fair and affordable access to mortgage financing for association property owners.
  • Providing community association perspectives on the larger issues of ensuring the flow of capital into the mortgage markets if Congress eliminated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as part of the reform of so-called Government Sponsored Enterprises.
  • Working to ensure homeowners in community associations are entitled to the same federal disaster relief as other American tax payers.
  • Working to oppose federal legislation that would preempt existing community association covenants regarding HAM Radio usage.

    Thanks to the work or our members, CAI has a growing list of allies in Congress on both sides of the aisle. 
    CAI’s success at the federal level has been the result of a combination of lobbying, grassroots activities and political action. CAI-PAC looks to supplement, support and super-charge our efforts in federal advocacy. As CAI-PAC grows, the voice of the community associations industry will reach a broader audience.
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