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Community associations are looking for qualified, dedicated professionals to manage their communities—will you be their first call? Expand your business and increase your earning potential with an Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®) designation.

The AAMC accreditation demonstrates a company's commitment to providing the unique and diverse services community associations need. An Accredited Association Management Company ensures that their staff have the skills, experience, and integrity to help communities succeed. Its managers have advanced training and demonstrated commitment to the industry—just the type of professionals that community association boards seek to hire!

Why should I pursue accreditation for my company?

An AAMC accreditation can help you:

  • Gain credibility, trust, and loyalty from the associations you manage
  • Expand your business by gaining a competitive advantage
  • Increase the quality of your staff and reduce turnover
  • Ensure that you have well-trained managers who can handle the myriad of responsibilities involved in managing a community

What are the requirements of the AAMC accreditation?

  • A minimum of three years of experience providing community association management services
  • A Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designee as the company's senior manager
  • A staff of which 50% of managers hold a professional designation (CMCA, AMS, or PCAM)
  • Maintain fidelity, general liability, and worker's compensation insurance in addition to meeting federal, state and local laws
  • Have client verification
  • Comply with the CAI Professional Manager Code of Ethics (Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedures)
  • Complete and submit an AAMC Application.pdf
  • Pay annual maintenance fee
  • Renew designation every three years: AAMC Renewal Application.pdf 
  • To retain the designation, all designated staff members must complete at least 12 hours of continuing education every two years

AAMC application fee—CAI management company member $300; non-member $525
AAMC maintenance fee—CAI management company member $160; non-member $390

CMCA application
AMS Application.pdf
LSM Application.pdf
PCAM Application.pdf
AAMC Application.pdf

For additional information or redesignation applications and fees relating to individual certifications and designations (CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM), please view the information on the manager designations page.

CAI and CAMICB manager certifications and designations

Ensure your staff is well respected and advance your company toward attaining the AAMC.

CMCA®: Certified Manager of Community Associations®
The first step in the commitment to professional growth. A manager must:

The CMCA is administered by the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Visit or call (703) 970-9300 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET) for additional information.

AMS®: Association Management Specialist®
The second level in CAI's career development track for community association managers.

A manager must:

  • Obtain the CMCA certification
  • Pass two 200-level PMDP course
  • Possess two years of community management experience

For more information read AMS requirements or call CAI Direct at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET).

LSM®: Large-Scale Manager®
A specialized designation designed to allow PCAM members to specialize within their profession. An experienced large-scale community manager who holds a PCAM designation can earn points toward their LSM by participating in various activities related to industry-specific education and leadership.

For more information read LSM requirements or call CAI Direct at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET).

PCAM®: Professional Community Association Manager®
The pinnacle of the community association manager career track.

A manager must:

  • Obtain the CMCA certification and AMS designation
  • Pass all 200-level PMDP courses plus a Case Study
  • Possess five years of community management experience

For more information read PCAM requirements or call CAI Direct at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET).

How to get started
Complete and submit an AAMC Application.pdf . For more details on the AAMC designation requirements or an application, or for information on the AMS, LSM, or PCAM designation requirements, follow the links above or call CAI Direct at (888) 224-4321.

For information on the CMCA certification, call CAMICB at (703) 970-9300 or visit

Some interesting facts from the Foundation for Community Association Research's 2003 Salary Survey:

Management Company CEOs spend most of their time on financial and human resource management, client contact, marketing, and litigation.

  • Did you know that CAI's PMDP courses could help you save time and money on association finances, communication and leadership training, governance (law) and marketing your business?

Nearly half of a community association employee's salary is based on the number of, and the income from, associations they manage. And, the larger the management company's budget, the higher the CEO's salary.

  • Do you want to increase your earning potential? Obtaining an AAMC accreditation for your company could increase your business and enhance your career!

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