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We all win with each new member you recruit—an association board member, community manager, association management company or service provider. Every new member brings added credibility to CAI and the community association industry, making CAI a more effective advocate for associations, board members and industry professionals. You’re also helping your chapter and expanding your own professional network.

Count yourself among those who support CAI, our industry and associations across the country.  Each new member makes CAI a stronger and more effective advocate for you. Start recruiting today!

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What is CAI's Recruiter Club?

The Recruiter Club is a program to recognize members who recruit colleagues and professionals to join CAI. In addition, the Recruiter Club rewards members who achieve progressively higher levels of new member recruitment. Recruiters also receive national and chapter recognition for recruitment milestones.

Recruiter Club Levels

Hall of Fame 50-99
Century 100-149
Eagle 150-199
Excalibur 200-299
Prism 300-499
Pinnacle 500+

How does the Recruiter Club work?

Each time you recruit a new member, you receive one credit toward your membership recruitment total. The more members you recruit, the more prestigious your recognition and you'll increase eligibility for campaign rewards.

How do managers and management companies benefit when their board members become members of CAI?

Nine out of 10 managers say they have better working relationships with board members who belong to CAI.  And you know that strong relationships mean association clients are less likely to jump to a competitor. 

How do I know when I've recruited a new member?

E-mail updates stating how many new members you've recruited are sent monthly. The updates include the most current information regarding the annual recruitment campaign, acknowledgment of the Recruiter of the Month and more.

How do I receive credit for my recruiting?

To receive recruitment credit, be sure to legibly write your name and company on each membership application you give or send to prospective members. If you forget to put your name on the application, simply call CAI at (888) 224-4321 and your name will be added as the recruiter.

How do I submit names of prospects?  Do you have a list of clients or colleagues to share with CAI?

Send an individual prospect's name or a list of names to CAI at and we will send a prospect kit to the individual(s). If you submit a list of individuals, please include full name and mailing address information. You will receive Recruiter Club credit for each prospect that becomes a CAI member.

CAI has a board resolution template community association leaders can use to formalize a decision to join CAI. We encourage managers, management companies and CAI Business Partners to share this document with their community association clients. Remember, each new member makes CAI a stronger, more effective advocate for all of us.  

For a complete list of member benefits by member type, please refer to our Member Benefits page




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